MSA - Measurement System Analysis in United Kingdom

Measurement data are used more often and in more ways than ever before.

What is Measurement System?

Measurement System is the collection of instruments or gages, standards, operations, methods, fixtures, software, personnel, environment and assumptions used to quantify a unit of measure or fix assessment to the feature characteristic being measured; the complete process to obtain measurements. Measurement data are used more often and in more ways than ever before. For instance, the decision to adjust a manufacturing process is now commonly based on measurement data. Another use of measurement data is to determine if a significant relationship exists between two or more variables.

An Measurement System Analysis is a statistical tool used to determine if a measurement system is capable of precise measurement.


When to Use It?

  • On the critical inputs and outputs prior to collecting data for analysis.
  • For any new or modified process in order to ensure the quality of the  data.

Measurement System Analysis course objective


  1. To provide a fundamental understanding of the  language that guides MSA studies.
  2. To use MSA studies to determine where  measurement processes require improvement  to assess special characteristics.
  3. To achieve robust capable measurement  processes for special characteristics.

Who Should be involved in Measurement System Analysis?

Everyone that measures and makes decisions about these measurements  should be involved in the MSA.

Virtual Classroom Technical Requirements

To access a virtual classroom you must have the following:

  • PC or laptop with internet access
  • microphone and speaker (headset recommended)
  • webcam

Course Dates and Prices