ISO 37301 Foundation in United Kingdom

Become acquainted with the best practices of Compliance Management Systems (CMS) based on ISO 37301.

Why should you attend?

The PECB Certified ISO 37301 Foundation training course presents the basic concepts of compliance and the requirements of ISO 37301 for a compliance management system (CMS). In this training course, you will learn about the various aspects of a CMS, including the compliance policy, compliance culture, compliance risk assessment, operational controls, performance measurements, leadership and commitment, internal audit, management review, and continual improvement.

After completing the training course, you can sit for the exam. If you successfully pass the exam, you can apply for the “PECB Certified ISO 37301 Foundation” credential. An internationally recognized “PECB ISO 37301 Foundation” certificate demonstrates that you have the necessary professional capabilities to be part of an ISO 37301 CMS implementation project.


Who should attend?

The ISO 37301 Foundation training course is intended for:

  • Managers and consultants seeking knowledge about the basic concepts of a CMS
  • Compliance officers and members of compliance teams who want to get  acquainted with ISO 37301’s requirements 
  • Individuals wishing to contribute in maintaining the organizational integrity by supporting ethical behavior
  • Managers and members of governance, risk management, and compliance teams
  • Individuals wishing to pursue a career as a compliance officer

Learning objectives

By participating in this training course, you will:

  • Understand the basic compliance management concepts, definitions, and approaches
  • Get acquainted with the ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system
  • Develop a general understanding of how an organization can meet the requirements of ISO 37301

Educational approach

The training course is participant centered and contains:

  • Lecture sessions illustrated with graphics, examples, and discussions
  • Interactions between participants by means of questions and suggestions
  • Quizzes with similar structure to the certification exam

Course agenda

Day 1: Introduction to compliance concepts, CMS, and clauses 4-6 of ISO 37301

Day 2: Clauses 7-10 of ISO 37301 and certification exam


The “PECB Certified ISO 37301 Foundation” exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Program (ECP). It covers the following competency domains:

Domain 1: Fundamental concepts and principles of compliance and the CMS based on ISO 37301

Domain 2: ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system – Clauses 4 to 10

For specific information about exam please visit the the Examination Rules and Policie


After successfully passing the exam, you can apply for the credential shown on the table below. For more information about ISO 37301 certifications and the PECB certification process, please visit the Certification Rules and Policies.

The PECB ISO 37301 Foundation certification scheme has the following requirements:


Designation Exam Professional experience MS audit/assessment experience CMS project experience Other requirements
PECB Certificate Holder in ISO 37301 Foundation PECB Certified ISO 37301 Foundation exam or equivalent None None None Signing the PECB Code of Ethics

General information

  • Certification and examination fees are included in the price of the training course
  • Training material containing over 200 pages of information and practical examples will be given to each participant.
  • An attestation of course completion worth 14 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be issued to participants who have attended the training course.
  • In case participant(s) fail to pass the exam, they can retake the exam once for free within 12 months of the initial exam date.

Course Dates and Prices