ISO 19600 Compliance Management in United Kingdom

Explore your opportunities and become certified in Compliance Management. Learn more about Compliance Management through the PECB Certified ISO 19600 training courses.

ISO 19600 Compliance Management Trainings


What is ISO 19600?

ISO 19600 provides guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, managing and improving a compliance management system within an organization. This standard is applicable to all sizes, nature and complexity of company’s business activities. This will allow organizations to encounter all their regulatory requirements and manage their operational risks with one uniform compliance framework. Compliance Management is more than just a legal requirement; it is also a bound to meet the stakeholder’s needs and expectations regardless of industry. 

By being certified against ISO 19600, the organization will be capable to detect all existing compliance gaps and implement appropriate corrective actions by following ISO 19600 recommendations. 

Why is Compliance Management important for you?

Being certified against ISO 19600 helps you ensure that your organization is adhering to legal regulations and contractual obligations. You may also be able to evaluate the organization’s practices by ensuring that they are in line with specific ethical standards within the limitations of the laws. You will also get acquainted with the appropriate knowledge to offer advice on how to address any areas of noncompliance and how to guard against future compliance risks. Compliance is important for your reputation and career perspectives. By following the Compliance Management System recommendations you can support your organization to continuously improve compliance programs and reduce the non-compliance risk rates.

Aligning your organization’s compliance framework with the ISO 19600 recommendations will demonstrate that you have established an appropriate framework to manage compliance risks, fill their responsibilities and at the same time deliver confidence and value to customers, employees and other parties.

Benefits of ISO 19600 Compliance Management

By becoming ISO 19600 certified, you will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate to business partners that your organization can fulfill its contractual compliance obligations
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Create competitive advantage that creates more efficiency while reducing risks
  • Create transparency while properly complying with all the laws
  • Improve standardization and uniformity
  • Implement a framework for the identification of organizational risks associated with applicable legal requirements
  • Develop controls to ensure adherence to legal requirements